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Advancing Racial Equity: The Role of Government

About the Workshop


The workshop will provide an introduction to the role, responsibilities, and opportunities for government to advance racial equity in the Greater Boston Region. The workshop will include time to strategize with local planning partners and co-sponsors on opportunities to eliminate inequities in housing, transportation, public health, education, criminal justice, jobs, and environmental justice. 

The focus is on national best practices. We know government must transform if we are to achieve racial equity in our communities. Within our cities and counties, we must normalize racial equity as a key value, operationalize racial equity via new policies and institutional practice, and organize, both internally and in partnership with other institutions and the community.

The workshop will include an overview of shared terminology and use of racial equity tools that can be used in decisions relating to policies, practices, programs and budget.

The  workshop will be led by:

  • Julie Nelson, Director of the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE)
  • Glenn Harris, President of the Center for Social Inclusion (CSI)

Nelson and Harris were instrumental to the success of Seattle's Race and Social Justice Initiative and the launching of the Governing for Racial Equity Network in the Northwest. GARE, CSI, and the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at the University of California, Berkeley are currently working with cities and counties across the country to leverage the power of government to advance racial equity and increase success for all our communities.


Bruce Bolling Building, School Committee Room, 2nd Floor
Roxbury, MA

Fees and Registration

If you work for government or with government, this is the workshop for you. Registration fee is $100 (includes light breakfast and lunch), and scholarships are available.

Questions or Additional Information

Janine Anzalota
City of Boston Office of Fair Housing and Equity

Kathy Brown
Boston Tenant Coalition
(617) 423-8609