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Wisconsin SEED Institute

  • Green Lake Conference Center W2511 State Rd. 23 Green Lake, WI 54941 (map)


The Wisconsin SEED Institute 2015 will engage its first class of Wisconsin educators and citizens on facilitating groups regarding conversations on race, class, creed, ability, oppression, dominance, power, authority, trust, accountability, and responsibility. The twenty-five people who take this opportunity will learn facilitation skills, exercises that encourage conversation on these ideas, learn how to recognize “–isms” (like sexism, racism, ableism, creedism), interrupt epithetical episodes, and promote positive interaction for equity and social justice among people. This institute will also provide the unique element of community action planning, so participants will complete their week with us with a plan in hand to go home and start their work. Participants interested in attending a future National SEED Leaders Training Week will get priority among applicants.

Wisconsin Indian Education Association (WIEA)

Wisconsin Indian Education Association exists to promote and support education and educationally related opportunities for American Indian people in Wisconsin. It provides education to first Nations Wisconsin communities on issues affecting American Indian education; advocacy on issues concerning American Indian students and access to education; merit-based scholarships; networking among those involved in American Indian education; increasing awareness about the 1989 Wisconsin Act 31 law that requires public school districts in Wisconsin to teach about Wisconsin Indian history, treaties and tribal sovereignty in grades 4, 8, and 10; houses the primary efforts for the Mascot-Logo Task Force, and support for WI Assembly Bill 35 which provides that a school district resident may object to a school board’s use of a race-based name, nickname, logo or mascot that promotes discrimination, pupil; harassment or stereotyping. 

Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) 

The National SEED Project on Inclusive Curriculum stems from work done by Dr. Peggy McIntosh and her article concerning Unpacking the White Privilege Knapsack and her subsequent work regarding diversity, inclusivity, equity, social justice and education. SEED engages teachers, future teachers, community educators, activists, parents, faculty and leaders from all subjects, grades, and geographic locations, to create gender fair, multi-culturally equitable, socioeconomically aware, and globally informed conversations and education. It also uses the window-mirror approach (Emily Style) of examining perceptions and positions of people. This encourage people to respond in thoughtful, mindful ways of interaction with one another. The National SEED Project on Inclusive Curriculum is based out of Wellesley College in Massachusetts. 


Green Lake Conference Center
W2511 State Rd. 23
Green Lake, WI 54941
Ph: (920) 294-3323
Fax: (920) 294-3686


Registration is $100.00 payable to Wisconsin SEED Institute and send to:

Wisconsin SEED Institute
c/o HCN Education Department
ATTN: Michelle R. Cloud
PO Box 667
Black River Falls, WI 54615

The $100.00 includes lodging and meals starting at dinner Sunday, June 14 and ending with lunch Friday, June 19. Conference begins 4:00 p.m. Sunday and runs to noon on Friday. Participant is responsible for travel costs to and from the institute. Further information regarding lodging and check-in will come with applicant’s acceptance letter.  Scholarships may be available so please apply.

Please mail your application to:

Wisconsin SEED Institute
ATTN: Michelle R Cloud
PO Box 667
Black River Falls, WI 54615

You may also scan and email your application to the following contacts.  Questions can also be referred to these individuals.

Michelle Cloud at
Barb Blackdeer-Mackenzie at