How it Works

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Pre-K-12 Educators


  • Explore and address their own cultural biases in signature trainings, including Beyond Diversity I, II, & III

  • Learn best practices at the yearly Summit

  • Commit to racial equity and build capacity through face-to-face meetings, webinars, book studies, and professional learning communities

Schools and Districts


  • Evaluate needs using a research-based needs assessment and impact change through annual improvement plans

  • Send staff, parents, and community members to cultural responsiveness trainings

  • Share successful practices with other districts and schools that are addressing racial disproportionality in special education

Other Partners


  • CESA staff work as thought leaders and coordinate training and supports for educators across the state

  • Tribal governments partner with schools and districts through formal agreements and action planning

  • Institutions of higher education share their research and translate this research into practice in partnership with schools and districts

  • State, regional, and national organizations focusing on racial equity collaborate on training and supports for Wisconsin educators, schools, and districts

Success Measures

PreK-12 Educators


  • Continue individual journeys as culturally responsive educators

  • Actively share training and practices with others

  • Show an increase in knowledge, skills, and practices related to culturally responsive education

Schools and Districts


  • Decrease racial disproportionality
    in special education identification, placement, and discipline

  • Increase graduation rates for students with disabilities

  • Increase literacy performance of students with disabilities

Other Partners


  • Continue to strengthen communications between schools and tribal communities through an improved home-school coordinator network

  • Work to share training and practices with others

  • Share and disseminate successes

  • Actively address barriers to racial equity across systems