About The Network


The Network works with preK-12 educators, schools, districts, and other community partners to reduce racial disproportionality in special education through a multi-tiered system of compliance activities and improvement supports. Each member of our team is committed to racial and social justice, striving to honor those who came before us while transforming current systems to ensure a hope-filled future for all.  Learn More >>

The Network:

  • Coordinates training, support, and coaching.

  • Offers research-to-practice grants.

  • Develops community partnerships.

  • Works with participating organizations to complete data collection, analysis, and compliance to meet federal requirements related to racial disproportionality in special education.

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Network Training and Supports

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We are committed to racial equity and building capacity through face-to-face meetings, webinars, book studies, and professional learning communities. The Network offers PK-16 professional development opportunities to support Wisconsin school districts identified with racial disproportionality in special education for Indicators 4B, 9, 10 and the separate, but related, requirements associated with significant disproportionality. 

Events are planned to provide training and resources to district-and school level personnel for the purpose of improving policies, procedures and practices in the referral, assessment and placement processes that result in inappropriate identification. Our events allow districts to explore and address individuals' cultural biases in signature trainings such and Beyond Diversity I and II.  View Calendar >> 

Upcoming Trainings

Beyond Diversity II Seminar


Nearly two decades ago, Beyond Diversity was introduced to offer educators a foundation for examining the impact of race on student achievement. Today thousands of seminar participants utilize the Agreements, Conditions, and Compass to explore racial issues in their lives and in their schools. This intensive, two-day seminar is designed to challenge participants who have successfully completed Beyond Diversity I. Beyond Diversity II participants must be grounded and practiced in utilizing the Agreements, Conditions, and Compass.

Knowing Our Neighbors: Wisconsin American Indian Nations and Tribal Communities


Understanding the educational experiences and perspectives of American Indian students in Wisconsin has profound implications for both district policies and instructional methodology when transforming systems to educate all students. Through counter-narratives shared by American Indians, learn about the rights, responsibilities, and misinformation surrounding Native people and education.

Regional Tribal Community and School Liaison Training

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These trainings, formerly known as Home School/Title VI Indian Education/Johnson O'Malley Coordinators and Program Staff, will provide opportunities for participants to hear from facilitators and presenters to share information, resources, best practices, and model programs.

These discussions will allow everyone to share their insights and how to adapt or develop new techniques best suited to their unique circumstances. Future planning and information needs will also be discussed.