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Charles A. Dana Center  |  The mission of the Charles A. Dana Center is to enable all students—especially those who are underserved—to achieve postsecondary success.

Recommended Reading

Hmong in the Modern World (2005)
D.C. Everest School District Oral History Project

Today, Hmong people face difficulties in America. Many people don't realize how hard it is for a forty year old man to come to America and start anew. Or for a sixteen year old girl to try and balance Hmong culture at home and Americanization at school. Choosing between their traditional culture and the "American" way is a decision Hmong people face every day. Hmong in the Modern World was created in hope that young Hmong people can learn to balance both worlds and live with both of them combined, not separated forever

Zaj Lus: A Hmong Children's Story Collection
D.C. Everest School District

This collection of Hmong oral folktales have been passed down for many generations.  These stories depict moral values and capture the essence of the Hmong Culture.  The text is in both Hmong and English.