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Racine Unified School District

Supporting Black Students' Excellence: Connecting Research to Practice

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Teachers and administrators in Wisconsin’s Racine Unified School District are implementing several strategies to improve educational outcomes for Black students. This video connects these strategies with a REL Midwest research review of promising practices educators can use to support Black students.

Along their path toward educational success, Black students face circumstances and challenges that may impact their ability to reach their full potential. Research shows that Black students are less likely to have access to high-level mathematics and science courses, more likely to face harsher school discipline, and more likely to attend schools with higher concentrations of inexperienced teachers compared to their peers.

This video highlights a few strategies that are being implemented in schools in Wisconsin to improve the educational outcomes among Black students. These practices include high expectations, strong student–teacher relationships, and mentoring programs and have been identified as promising from a systematic literature review that Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Midwest conducted in 2018

Research shows promising evidence that Black students who are mentored, have strong student-teacher relationships, and have teachers with high expectations perform better in school. Learn more about these three strategies and what they look like in two schools in Wisconsin’s Racine Unified School District.